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our ideas

eighteen o four are research led, condensing our ideas into our output. we have learnt a lot on our journey, but core to our principles are sustainability, flexibility and inclusivity. 

our key future of work areas are:

environmental & economic sustainability


talent marketplace

task deconstruction

in our global study launched in spring 2020, we asked questions chosen to gain wider understanding of remote work impacts both foreseen and unforeseen. 

we focused on areas including sustainability & emissions, house prices & commutes, office footprints & the future of the office, wellness & mental health, and levelling up & rural infrastructure.

we aim to give long term insights into perceptions surrounding remote working, insights into lived experiences and how businesses anticipate responding to the changing world of work. 

you can download our latest whitepaper here, and stay tuned for our ongoing research papers. 

with our ongoing research we hope to answer these questions...

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