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our ethos

holly created eighteen o four out of a belief that work needed to be accessible, flexible and sustainable. whether feeling stifled living and working in london, or commuting 20 hours a week, work and it's strictures seemed broken, driving the search to find new ways of engaging. with her creative and consultancy background, she began freelancing in 2013. demand for agile project delivery grew and eighteen o four was born. 

we are research led, condensing our ideas into our output. we have learnt a lot on our journey, but core to our principles are sustainability, flexibility and inclusivity. to find your perfect person or team, we are lead by our people centred values: 

human trust, human relationships and human emotions

machine learning has it's place but we believe in a blended approach - we know our people, we know their families, we know their pets names. we are a human-centric talent marketplace. we work with one degree of separation to the people in our network - if we don't know them personally ourselves and have experience of their work, our partner networks recommend them from direct experience. 

we have an understanding not only of how work is changing, but the risks and fears of freelancers and businesses who engage with them.

risk assessment: in the uk ir35 is a new law which makes it difficult to work flexibly and remain competitive and agile


globally, this is not the only similar legislation coming into force in recent years. we understand that working in a flexible way using statements of work and task based thinking removes the risk of being incorrectly designated, and this removes the burden not only from freelancers but also from businesses with concerns about legislation that can easily be misinterpreted. 

we believe everyone should have the right to work in the way of their choosing, and that businesses have a right to engage with them in any way that they see fit.


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